Having a Luxouria Travel Makeup Bag makes life so much easier that you don’t have to worry about switching bags back and forth. Naturally I am a very organized person and when it comes to my Travel Bag there are no exceptions. Most times when planning a trip, I overdo the packing and have to refer to my own tips on how to pack light hassle free. Once I do this, I skim through the luggage(s) a few times removing any necessary items. Being over-weight is not a good thing so I always aim to leave room in my luggage.

Beauty Products

With regards to beauty products and make-up essentials, I keep it simple. Usually, I do not need to add anything extra to whats already on my checklist. However, in some instances I may add or subtract depending on where I am going and the length of stay. For example a travel size sunblock if I’ll be on the beach or lounging by a pool most of the time.

My Make-up Bag Details

“Lipsticks, Heels and Late nights” are printed on the front with three lipsticks embroidered below, which I find very fitting for its purpose. There is a lot of room including 3 slots on the interior for the insertion of bank cards. Also, it is lined with fabric on the inside and although it appears to be stuffed, more things can fit.